Jordan Michaels is the best friend of Anakin Rooney and she has a major crush on him.

Jordan Michaels
Biographical information
Full Name
Jordan Rebecca Michaels
February 18th 1997 (age 19)
Resides In
Green Bay Wisconsin
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Liv Rooney

Maddie Rooney Joey Rooney

Anakin Rooney (best friend/crush)
Anakin Rooney
Production Information
Portrayed By
JoAnna Garcia


Jordan was born on February 18th 1997 a few days after her best friend Anakin Rooney who was born on Valentine's Day 1997. She is a very thoughtful girl who cares about her friends and family though all she has left in her family is her aunt because both of her mother died three years ago and has been very lonely as she was also a only child. After the aftermath of her mother's death she meets Anakin Rooney who lives in the same neighborhood just across the street from her aunt's house which then caused her to develop feelings for him. Jordan also likes to draw a lot as her locker has a bunch of drawings and a photo of her and her mother. Jordan later gets excited when Anakin gets transferred to Ridgewood after his school was shut down though she saw him really upset that his school was closed down though she helped him through it. She was Anakin's prom date and there she was about to tell him how she feels about him but she couldn't because she was still unsure if he liked her back. Jordan tried to confess her feelings for Anakin again on his birthday.


  • Anakin Rooney (best friend/crush)

Jordan has a massive crush on Anakin though she is unsure if Anakin likes her back. They met when Jordan was being introduced to his mother through her aunt and when Jordan met Anakin she fell in love with him. When Anakin was placed in Ridgewood Jordan was very happy but Anakin was upset and even ignored her for awhile. While Anakin was skeptical about going to prom Jordan was thinking they can go as dates so Anakin did decide to go to prom but he was too nervous to ask Jordan to be his prom date so Maddie asked her and she said yes and so Jordan danced with Anakin. On prom night she almost told Anakin how she felt but it didn't happen because she didn't want to scare him away. By his 19th birthday Jordan told him how she feels and Anakin said he likes her back and they become a couple. She cares deeply about Anakin and doesn't want him to fight anymore though this also the reason he retires because he was afraid he would lose her if didn't. When Anakin was in his last fight Jordan watched him destroy his opponent and won by knockout making him 30-0.