Jacob Mitchell
Biographical information
Full Name
Jacob Edward Arthur Mitchell
Jakey (by Liv)
Cub (by Maddie)
October 7th, 1997 8:50 PM (age 18)
football player (formerly)
Actor (retired)
Resides In
Stevens Point Wisconsin (Currently)
Los Angeles, California (formerly)
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Alyson Mitchell (mother)
Kevin Mitchell (father)
Amy Smalls (aunt; mother's side)
Diggie Smalls (cousin)
Artie Smalls (cousin)
Jasmine Mitchell (aunt; father's side)
Linda (cousin)
Liv Rooney (girlfriend)
Liv Rooney (childhood best friend/girlfriend; attached to)
Willow Cruz (childhood friend)
Joey Rooney (childhood friend)
Maddie Rooney (childhood friend; attached to)
South Salamanca (former cast mate)
Josh Willcox (best friend)
Liv Rooney
The Rooney Family
Professional wrestling
Production Information
Portrayed By
Jacob Lyons
Jacob Mitchell is the only child of Alyson and Kevin Mitchell. 


Born to Alyson Mitchell and Kevin Mitchell in Los Angeles, California, Jacob was a child.


Jacob Mitchell/Relationships


  • When Jacob turned 13 both his parents 
  • Jacob loves basketball and football.
  • He had a crush on Liv since he met her in California.
  • He accidently kissed Liv because he thought she was Maddie.
  • Jacob attends the prom with Liv instead of Maddie which really ticked Maddie off.
  • He has doesn't have many friends.
  • He wants to become a professional wrestler
  • Jacob did have an outburst on Liv a few times and one of them almost ended their friendship for good.
  • He is attached to the twins.
  • He is good friends with Josh.
  • He loves the song Carry on my Wayward Son.
  • He sometimes likes to sing with Liv.
  • He wants to revive The Dream.
  • Jacob stars in a T.V. show with Liv were he plays a character named Jackson Walker the brother of Liv's character Claire Walker.
  • He is showen to like laser tag a lot.
  • His favorite actor and actress are Jensen Ackles and Milla Jovovich.
  • He gave his jacket to Liv when she felt cold.
  • Jacob's favorite football teams are the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.
  • He has been laser tag since he was 10 making him 20-0.
  • He challenges the Rooney boys to a game of laser tag while putting his record of 20-0 on the line.
  • Jacob started his new show C​ountry Life: The Series though he decided he wanted both Liv and Maddie in the project with him
  • When a new T.V. show was announced Jacob became the main star and asked if Liv, Joey, and Parker wanted to be in it.
  • Jacob is an only child
  • He is the cousin of Diggie and Artie. 
  • His best friends are Maddie RooneyWillow CruzLiv RooneyJosh WillcoxDiggie Smalls and Joey Rooney
  • To escape some arguments between Liv and Maddie Jacob tries to hang out at the Arcade Palace in town.


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