You knuckleheads.
Jacob's catchphrase

Jacob Mitchell is the only child of the late Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and is in love with Maddie. 

Jacob Mitchell
Biographical information
Full Name
Jacob Anakin Leonardo Jin Ryu Mitchell
Anakin (by Joey, Liv, and Parker) Jacob Walker (the main character of Country Life)
October 7th, 1997 8:50 PM (age 18)

basketball player (formerly) Mixed Martial Artist

Resides In
Stevens Point Wisconsin (originally from Ohio)
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Keely Mitchell (sister)

Diggie Smalls (cousin) Artie Smalls (cousin)

Amy Smalls (aunt)
Maddie Rooney (ex-girlfriend) Liv Rooney (girlfriend)
Liv Rooney (best friend/former crush)

Willow (best friend) Joey Rooney (best friend)

Maddie Rooney (Ex-girlfriend)
Artie South
Maddie Rooney

School Classic rock Hearing Liv sing Basketball and football Helping people Laser tag

Building things with Parker
School dances

Seeing people suffer

Todd Stetson
Production Information
Portrayed By
Jacob Lyons


Jacob resides in his foster parents house after his parents both died in a car crash when he was 13 and his foster parents are in the same neighborhood as Liv and Maddie. He meets Maddie and devolped a crush on her and runs into Liv thinking it was Maddie but Maddie later shows up and tells Jacob that is her sister and was shocked they are twins. Jacob tells his feelings for Maddie to Liv and wanted Maddie to know when the time is right though he tells her a day earlier in the episode Crush-A-Rooney. Jacob and Maddie reveal they like each other and begin to date each other the next day along and they've been trying to spend time in class period with each other cause Maddie is concerned that he is getting picked on because they're dating or into trouble so the prinicble said it was a better idea if they stayed together in every class including gym. Jacob shows an intrest in classic rock and country seeing as he plays guitar around Liv as he is thinking of a song to sing to Maddie seeing as he really cares about her but cannot think of a song so he decides to draw him and her holding hands. One day Jacob gets really hurt and is sent to the hospital for a few days and that's when his girlfriend shows her love for him by holding his hands and crying stating it's her fault he got hurt and replied it's not her fault though after injury broke every bone in his right arm he got it replaced with a cyborg arm all the way up to his shoulder. They stayed all night with each other in the hospital until he was allowed to leave and he is told to stay at home with Liv who takes care of him. Jacob loves spending time with the Rooney's espcaially Maddie he sleeps in her when he stays all night with them and sleeps with his jacket on because he gets cold at night sometimes but Maddie let's him use her jacket as a blanket and then rubs his back. He makes a personal headband for Liv and she promises never to take it off. He is described that he is very nice and sweet by Liv and Maddie and is always visiting them after school so they can hang out more. His catchphrase is grab a mop there's gonna be guts on the celling. When Jacob heard about a musicial play based on his favorite movie Grease he is casted as Daniel Zuko and Maddie was cast as Sandy who fall in love and right at the end of the play they kisses each other and take each other hands. Jacob said after he graduates high school he wants to become a detective for the police department. Jacob plans to have a King of Iron Fist Tournament at Ridgewood and make the main fight a tag fight with Maddie being his tag partner but later realizes he has to have the principal's supervision to hold a fighting tournament at Ridgewood.


Liv Rooney (best friend/former crush/girlfriend)

Jacob had massive crush on Liv but decided to give up because he thinks she doesn't like him back. She gave Jacob a hug after him and Maddie broke up. After the Rooney family adopted Jacob at the age of 18 he became Liv's adoptive brother. Liv and Jacob finally start dating after a long time and Jacob gave Liv his jacket.

Willow (best friend)

Jacob and Willow get along really well but Jacob doesn't seem to be scared of her but rather Willow being scared of him.

Diggie (cousin)

Jacob and Diggie are cousins who always seem to fight over everything he likes to do.

Maddie Rooney (Ex-girlfriend)

Jacob fell in love with Maddie when Liv introduced him to her and Maddie developed a crush on him. They had to break up when Jacob turned 18 years old. Jacob remains friends with her but he still has feelings for her. Jacob also quit the basketball team because he it makes him more sad that they broke up. Jacob eventually became Maddie's again after Liv realized he still loved Maddie and Maddie still loved Jacob.

Josh (best friend)

Jacob and Josh seem to be best friends and consider each other as brothers sometimes.

South Salamanca (co-star)

South is Jacob's co-star who seems to be crushing on him but he keeps telling her he is dating Liv but she doesn't listen. Because Liv is Jacob's girlfriend Liv isn't allowed to be on the same show with him. Jacob seems to be really annoyed with South.

Artie Smalls (cousin)

Like Diggie Artie is Jacob's cousin though Jacob never seems to be annoyed with Artie at home just at school. Artie seems to love Jacob a lot though they only fight over Liv though Artie eventually gives up and tells Jacob he can have her as his girlfriend. Jacob and Artie fought in the laser tag tournament at Ridgewood which Jacob won making him 21-0. Artie knows of Jacob's violent nature when he just about broke Todd's arm. Artie has never crossed Jacob's dark side because he know what would happen.

Josh Willcock (best friend)

Josh and Jacob are best friends though Jacob cannot remember if he met Josh before.

Keely Mitchell

Jacob and Keely were born on the same day as brother and sister. Jacob loves his sister deeply and hopes that she won't do any bad things like go to prison or anything else. Keely always shared a room with her brother when they were kids because their parents had a room together and there was only one room in the house so they shared a room for the longest time.


  • When Jacob turned 13 both his parents had died in a car accident.
  • Jacob begins to date Maddie.
  • Jacob loves basketball and football.
  • He joins the boys basketball team with Diggie who later decides he should be kicked off the team.
  • He use to have a massive crush on Liv.
  • He accidently kissed Liv because he thought she was Maddie.
  • Jacob attends the prom with Liv instead of Maddie which really ticked Maddie off.
  • It is revealed he was born in Ohio but had to move to Hollywood with his aunt.
  • Jacob plans to go back to Ohio after he graduates from Ridgewood.
  • When he is walking around the school with Liv everyone calls them Jiv.
  • Jacob always shares what he feels with Maddie but not so much Liv.
  • At the Ridgewood High prom Jacob shares his first kiss with Maddie.
  • He has doesn't have many friends.
  • Jacob has anger problems and if he is really stressed out he starts screaming at everyone even Liv.
  • He has four middle names two of which are Japanese.
  • He wants to become a mix martial artist after graduating high school but Maddie thinks he should be a basketball player.
  • Jacob did have an outburst on Liv a few times and one of them almost ended their friendship for good.
  • Jacob later thinks about moving in with the Rooney family.
  • Jacob was out for an entire week because Claire had a heart attack.
  • Jacob eventually starts home schooling because he cannot be in the same place with Maddie because it breaks his heart more since they broke up.
  • He still has feelings for Liv.
  • He is good friends with Josh.
  • He loves the song Carry on my Wayward Son.
  • He sometimes covers some classic rock with Liv.
  • He wants to revive The Dream.
  • Jacob eventually starts home schooling because he is feeling more heartbroken since him and Maddie broke up.
  • He claims his dark side is a huge problem.
  • Everyone at school except for Maddie, Liv, and Joey call him Anakin.  
  • Jacob stars in a T.V. show with Liv were he plays a character named Jackson Walker the brother of Liv's character Claire Walker.
  • He is showen to like laser tag a lot.
  • His favorite actor and actress are Jensen Ackles and Milla Jovovich.
  • He gave his jacket to Liv when she felt cold.
  • Jacob's favorite football teams are the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.
  • He has been laser tag since he was 10 making him 20-0.
  • He challenges the Rooney boys to a game of laser tag while putting his record of 20-0 on the line.
  • Jacob quits his new show C​ountry Life: The Series though he decided to quit acting as well as his previous show was panned.
  • When a new T.V. show was announced Jacob became the main star and asked if Liv, Joey, and Parker wanted to be in it.
  • Everyone at school calls him the modern day Rocky Balboa.
  • He has a sister name Keely Mitchell.
  • Jacob and his sister were born at the same time.
  • Him and Keely shared a room together when they lived with their parents.
  • Jacob has always told Maddie he is never going to let anyone harm her.


Hey Willow!

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