Claire Rooney is the mother of Anakin Rooney and is the sister of Karen Rooney and Aunt Dena .

Claire Mitchell
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Biographical information
Full Name
Claire Mitchell
November 31st 1982 (age 33)
Special needs teacher (her son only)
Resides In
Green Bay Wisconsin
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Anakin Rooney (son)

Alexis Rooney (daughter)

Pete Rooney (brother)

Maddie Rooney (niece)

Liv Rooney (niece)

Joey Rooney (nephew)

Parker Rooney (nephew)

Karen Rooney (sister-in-law)

Production Information


Claire is the mother of Anakin and Alexis who became widowed after her husband died of cancer and therefore she changed her last name back to Rooney. She is a year younger then her brother Pete and is also the one who got her son into MMA because he was getting picked on in school and then he became the most dangerous student even the teachers feared him. Claire really loves her son and she knows that his cousins mean so much to him. When she learned of Anakin's school shutting down she transferred him to Ridgewood which caused him to be depressed until a month later he became loved by everyone during his first day there. Claire has also got a job at Ridgewood as Anakin's special needs teacher. She gets along with Anakin really well and she wants to have him move in with her brother. Claire doesn't really like it when other students pick on her son but she learns Anakin has been doing some MMA and broke a students arm in two places. After years of living without her husband Claire kept an eye on Anakin and made sure he was going to school every day. She died of cancer in 2016.