The Dream
The Dream; Say Hey-1
"The Dream" performs at the Stevens Point Battle of the Bands.


Liv Rooney
Holden Dippledorf
Andie Bustamante
Willow Cruz

Place of origin

Steven's Point, Wisconsin

The Dream is the band formed by Liv Rooney in "Band-A-Rooney." They broke up after members Holden Dippledorf and Andie Gustamante, formerly in a relationship, broke up. Eventually the band got back together in "Dream-A-Rooney".


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  1. Liv Rooney - Main Singer.
  2. Holden Dippledorf - Guitar.
  3. Andie Gustamante - Bass, Electronic Keyboard.
  4. Willow Cruz - Drums
  5. Aubrey - Tambourine


  1. Say Hey
  2. As Long As I Have You
  3. Key of Life


  • The Dream's songs are available on the Liv and Maddie soundtrack.
  • In Co-Star-A-Rooney, it is revealed that the band broke up as Liv refers to Holden as her ex band member.
  • The band reunites in Dream-A-Rooney.
  • Liv Rooney was originally going to play lead guitar for the band (because the rest of the band thought she had experience with the instrument, due to her appearance in "The Funaways"), until she started to play terribly. She was left with no choice but to confess the fact that she mimed playing in the movie.
    • One thing led to another, and Holden Dippledorf ended up the lead guitarist for the band.

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