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Switch-A-Rooney is the eleventh episode in season 1of Liv and Maddie. It aired on January 17, 2014 and received 3.2 million total viewers.


Liv is up for a big sci-fi movie role, and Maddie has to retake her driver’s test. Liv is having a little trouble with how she could get the lead in the movie, but when she sees that Maddie is a sci-fi geek, she asks her sister for help. Maddie wants to help, but her test is on the day of Liv's autograph-signing. That's when they decide to have a switch-a-rooney and masquerade as each other. There's just one big problem: Maddie can't see without her glasses, and Liv can't see with glasses.

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Main Cast

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Guest Cast

  • Suzy Nakamura as Tammy (Driver Attendant)

Memorable Quotes

Diggie: I'm stoked for Maddie. Having a license, that means she can go anywhere and do anything... that a responsible teenager would do after getting approval from her father. Not that I've ever asked her not to get approval, why am I still talking?
Pete: Why are you in my house? Why haven't you got a haircut? We've all got questions.
Liv: Hold your rah rahs. Only one of us passed. Total bummer rang.

Pete: Aw, you'll get it next time, kid.

Liv: No, I'm the one who passed! License to surprise!
Maddie: Who needs their license anyway, am I right? I DO, I NEED MY LICENSE!
Diggie: Don't worry, Maddie, I'll drive you anywhere you wanna go. Seriously, why am I still talking? Why am I still here? I'll go get my hair cut.
Maddie: Sup, Diggie?

Diggie: Sup, Rooney?
Maddie: Sup with your hair? You did not get a hair cut just because my dad told you to?
Diggie: No, not at all... I totally needed a trim - do you think he'll like it?
Maddie: Diggie, you can't let him push you around like this. I mean, your hair was a hot mess but that's not the point.
Diggie: I can't help it okay? I want him to like me, he's your dad and you and me are... whatever we are.
Maddie: Totally, whatever... um. You just need to find something that you and my dad will like and bond over that.
Diggie: Oh yeah, okay great let's see. He likes growling at me!
Maddie: Oh, you know what else he likes? Barbecuing.
Diggie: Grilling sure beats growling. And if he starts to like me I can help you prep for you driver's test.

Maddie: Aw, that's so sweet.
Diggie: Here we are: a couple of dudes getting ready to do some chilling and grilling. Are you okay that I just called you a dude?

Pete: Relax, we're barbecuing. Everybody's a dude.
Diggie: Okay, let's do this. [Diggie opens the barbecue]
Pete: Absolutely! [Pete closes the barbecue] First I need you to do a few things.
Diggie: Hit me, whatever you want. Shoot the corn? Season the meat?
Pete: Mow the lawn.
Diggie: Um, what?
Pete: And clean the gutters, rotate my tires, groat the tub and empty the dishwasher. Dude...
Diggie: What has that have to do with barbecuing?-
Pete: I thought you came here to learn?

Diggie: Let me go get the lawnmower.
Pete: Bring your own steak... classic!

Karen: Why are you messing with that poor boy?

Pete: I'm just making sure he's good enough for my daughter. And I'm done for the day. Don't tell Maddie but except for that stupid name, Diggie's alright.
Maddie: Bam, What?!

Maddie: I mean space-tastic question.

Joey and Parker: (Softly growling) ...Maddie.
Parker: I sold Liv's toothbrush to a fan for 15 gummy eyeballs.

Joey: Too bad she only has one toothbrush.

'"Parker:"'pfft, please. i just picked that up from the sidewalk outside.
Driver Attendant: You're forgetting something.

Liv: Oh, (sing-song) lip gloss.
Driver Attendant: No, here it says you're required to wear glasses when you drive.
Liv: (laughs) Oh, I thought it was only for the picture.

Driver Attendant: (laughs) Put them on.
Karen: Don't let me do it again.

Maddie: Oh, the summer of headbands.

Liv: To be fair we rocked the headbands.
Karen: And Maddie, no license till your 17.

Maddie: 17?!
Karen: You want to make it 18?

Maddie: 17 it is, looking forward to it.


  • This episode premiered the same night as Dove's movie, Cloud 9.
  • This is the second episode to air on Friday.
  • In this episode they switch places although they have done this before this is the first time we get to see them switch places.
  • Liv and Maddie did a Switch-a-Rooney when they were 6, which resulted in Karen writing their names on their foreheads in permanent marker. So that summer they had to wear headbands, which Liv claims that they "rocked the look".
  • Liv's role on the sci-fi movie was a girl named Tristan. The role was originally for a guy but it was changed into a girl.
  • Maddie failed her driving test and Liv passed due to Maddie's inability to take a left turn.
  • If you look closely, when Parker and Joey are in the comic book store, there is a DVD called Bits & Pieces, which was the original name for the show.
  • It is unrevealedhow Karen knew about the switch a Rooney.


  • This is the second time Liv has pretended to be Maddie. The first time occurred in Twin-A-Rooney.
  • In Sweet 16-A-Rooney, Liv and Maddie become sixteen so they can have a driver license, and in this episode they take a driving test to get their driving license.


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Liv and Maddie - "Switch-A-Rooney" Promo

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