The fate of my plan rests on someone named Diggie.

Sweet 16-A-Rooney is the ninth episode in season 1 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on November 24, 2013 and received 3.3 million total viewers.


Karen throws Maddie a curveball about the day she was born, and she and Liv realize planning their sweet 16 party together may be more complicated than expected.

Episode Summary

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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ronald Lawrence as Sheriff Tim
  • Daniel Browning Smith as Contortionist

Memorable Quotes

Maddie: Liv, why are you throwing out everything that I like? I thought this was our party.

Pete: Honey, it's time to come clean. We've kept this secret for too long.
Karen: No, Pete. I'm not telling-
Pete: [turns on speaker]

Karen: they were born on separate days.
Diggie: Well, I'm in. I want Maddie's sweet 16 to be as amazing as it can be.

Pete: Careful.

Diggie: Right, sorry.
Maddie: Wait, this is all for me? Where's your red carpet party?
Liv: Oh, there was no party. I totally played you. Don't feel bad though, I am a day older.
Diggie: Don't worry, birthday girl, your hero's here.
Maddie: [Maddie takes the plug out] Hey, superhero, plug's right here.


  • It is also revealed that Liv was born on the 5th at 11:56pm and Maddie was born at 12:02am on the 6th.
  • The camera Parker uses is a Kodak Brownie.
  • Maddie celebrated her birthday on the 5th for 15 years instead of on the 6th.
  • In the first episode when Liv comes home she says "You stole my face" to which Maddie replies " I had it first" implying that she was born first yet in this episode it is said that Liv was born first.
  • In this episode it is revealed that Diggie can actually drive.
  • It is revealed that Joey's real name is "Joseph".
  • its revealed that Maddie's lucky number is 5
  • Pete got Maddie a New Jersey that is number 6 but she kept the number 5 because it was the day her best friend born.


  • It is rather surprising that Maddie didn't find out she and Liv were born on separate days during her childhood, as to register for school, a birth certificate is required.
  • In Twin-A-Rooney, Maddie said that she was older however in this episode Liv is actually older.


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Liv and Maddie - "Sweet 16-A-Rooney" Promo

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