Super Intendent Kneebauer
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Superintendent Kneebauer

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Stevens Point, Wisconsin
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Paulie the Porcupine
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Superintendent Kneebauer is a recurring character in Liv and Maddie. She was the new principal at Ridgewood High. She is portrayed by Tara Karsian.

Episode Appearances

Season 2


She is very grumpy at times, unless she gets her way. She does not like porcupines which causes her to change the mascot to a butter stick.


Spoilers Ahead

Kathy Kan-A-Rooney

She was first seen in the episode and was evaluating Karen as the new vice principal. She didn't like how Karen let students make posters for the hallways, so she made Karen have students take them all down, stating that if not every poster was took down by 3:00 pm, they get detention. Later, after Liv and Kathy vandalize the vice principal's office, they enter. Karen was embarrassed, but Mrs. K calms her by saying she's been pranked as well and told her she is fit to be the new vice principal.


When Parker deliberately tries to get into trouble at school in order to avoid a mother/son pageant, Kneebauer believes that he should be punished like any other high school student.


Karen and Superintendent Kneebauer have a school assembly. She states that since she was in an accident with a porcupine, so she is changing the mascot from "Paulie the Porcupine" to "Bobby the Butter Stick" in honor of Wisconsin's heritage. The next period, she comes to see it's vandalized and finds a beanie belonging to someone in the Rooney family.