Run to the stars, wolves. But always put first your families. For their love keeps you tethered to the universe.
— Tristan Lycanth to the scattering colonies when he split the galactic pangea

Space Werewolves is a fictional graphic novel series in Liv and Maddie. It is Parker, Joey, and Artie's favorite book series. Maddie is also a fan of the book series. Much of Season 1 features an arc where Liv works her way into the main lead.


The series revolves around Tristan Lycanth, a half boy and half werewolf who lives in outer space and is the keeper of the Claw of Freedom.


  • There are 64 volumes in the Space Werevolves series.
  • Joey, Parker, Maddie and Artie are all fans of this series.
  • The first volume in the Space Werewolves series has at least 420 pages, according to Liv.
  • Maddie has read all 64 Space Werewolves volumes and loves them.
  • Fans of this series are called "Tristanites".
  • Liv portrayed Tristan in the movie adaption of this series. The other two actors she was competing against for the role happened to be Ryan Gosling and Vin Diesel, both of which were a little old for the role.
  • Tristan's parents are the werewolf Magrol and Queen Zira.
  • There is also a Battle of Mirth, according to Maddie.
  • Joey was voted out of the Space Werewolves society after he suggested wolf tails are stupid.
  • Vic DeFazarelli (Garry Marshall) was hired to replace an unnamed director, played by Fahim Anwar.
  • Lycanth is part of the word Lycanthropy, meaning "a mass mania that caused people to believe they were possessed by wolves."
  • A key plot point in the Space Werewolves is apparently an orb known as the Glowing Green Eye of Kantarus.