Did someone say professional help?

Slump-A-Rooney is the fourteenth episode in season 1 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on March 9, 2014 and received 2.1 million total viewers.


Maddie and Willow are excited to try out for the school’s varsity softball team, but Maddie, the catcher, realizes that Willow, the pitcher, is in a slump because she can’t stop thinking about Joey.

Episode Summary

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Main Cast

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Guest Cast

  • Elaine Kao as Sensei Rae Dawn



  • Maddie puts the note in Willow's locker by slipping it into the vents. But when Willow opens the locker, it is shown that the vents are sealed up by a posterboard liner, so the note would have become stuck behind the liner. Willow picks up the note from the base of the locker.

Memorable Quotes

Maddie: Okay, Willow. Ready? Focus. Fire it at me, right here. (Willow throws ball at a pot instead and breaks it by accident).

Maddie: Perfect if we were playing smash that pot. Willow, you've been in a slump for days.

Willow: I can't concentrate.
Karen: Thank you for seeing me in my office.
Maddie: Thank you for the ride.
Karen: So tell me the first thing that pops up in your mind.
Willow: Joey.
Karen: Okay so what is going on with you and Joey?

Willow: Nothing, that's the problem. It's spring time, love is in the air, birds are chirping but all I can think about is why my sweet little Joey bird at me!
Maddie: Okay, but what does Joey have to do with your pitching?

Willow: I can't concentrate. When I pitch, I look directly at you but every time I look at you, all I see is Joey.
Maddie: I think we need professional help...
Karen: Did someone say professional help?


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Liv and Maddie - "Slump-A-Rooney" Promo

Liv and Maddie - "Slump-A-Rooney" Promo

Clip - Slump-A-Rooney - Liv and Maddie - Disney Channel Official

Clip - Slump-A-Rooney - Liv and Maddie - Disney Channel Official

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