Skippy Ramirez
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Skippy Ramirez
The Masked Shredder
Skateboarding pro
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Dark brown
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Unknown mother
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Skippy Ramirez is a recurring character in Liv and Maddie. He is a professional skateboarder (The Masked Shredder) that now happens to go to Ridgewood High. He is best friends with Joey Rooney.

Skippy is portrayed by Allen Alvarado.


Skippy was once a normal child living in Stevens Point. He and Joey were preschool friends. They were sitting on Joey's porch when the pair were five,eating animal crackers. Someone had left a skateboard on the steps,and Joey fell and slid across the driveway. This inspired Skippy to become a skateboarding icon,The Masked Shredder. Joey and Skippy met up nine years later and rekindled their friendship. (Skate-a-Rooney) He and Joey are authorized as Paulie the Porcupines guardian for a night. Despite his skateboarding abilities,Diggie hints him as weak. He helps Joey move Paulie to the Rooney home. He and Joey make matching shirts.(Dodge-A-Rooney)


Skippy is a freshman and a skateboarding pro.


He is an old friend of Joey's and he is also The Masked Shredder, a skateboarder famous for his wipeouts. Prior to the revelation of his identity, Parker claims the shredder's mask was a necessity to hide the loss of his face during one of his stunts, while Joey claims that he flew so high during one of them that he collided with a duck. In reality, Skippy got involved with skateboarding after learning how to do so from Joey, who he credits for getting him into the sport, and his skills, style, techniques, and gimmicks evolved from that point on. Joey, on the other hand never took as serious of an interest in the sport as he did.

Physical Appearance

Skippy has thick dark brown hair and brown eyes and wears slightly similar clothes to Joey. He is shorter and skinnier than Joey, however. As the Masked Shredder, he wears a black uniform with a mysterious and slightly terrifying skull facemask beneath his helmet, which includes a voice modulator. Needless to say, he often appears to be quite menacing.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Skippy is good at skateboarding.


He sometimes can be afraid of Diggie. He is a slight geek and Diggie implies him as weak.




Joey and Skippy are good friends, Joey has helped Skippy at times and they seem quite close. Joey also taught Skippy how to skate when they were younger. See Joey and Skippy (relationship).


  • He is a professional skateboarder.
  • Joey Rooney taught him how to skate.
  • He and Joey were chosen to be Paulie the porcupine's protectors.
  • Without his voice modulator, his voice is actually very high-pitched and childlike.
  • He doesn't know that Joey doesn't know how to skate.
  • It is unknown if he will appear in future episodes.
  • Diggie doesn't trust him because he is cowardly and childish.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


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