Sometimes you got to, sing it louder!
— Theme song for the show.
Sing It Louder ! !
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Liv Rooney


Musical, comedy-drama

Preceded by

Sing It Loud!


Los Angeles

Sing It Louder!! (sometimes abbreviated as SIL!!) is a spin-off to Sing It Loud! that Liv Rooney and Ruby star in season 4. It is filmed in Hollywood, Los Angeles like Sing It Loud! was. Just like Voltage, it is directed by Gemma Nimbus.

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The plot seems to involve a therapeutic boarding school in which children who broke the law were sent to the school to rehabilitate themselves. Based on the pilot episode and the fact in Sing It Louder!!-A-Rooney, Liv (as Stephanie Einstein) said when she went to that school, it appears Stephanie Einstein graduated from this school and returned home, but returned to serve as a mentor for the main protagonist, Sasha who was sent here for breaking the law.

Featured Songs

  1. One Second Chance
  2. Power Of Two
  3. My Destiny


  • This is a spin-off to Sing It Loud!.
  • Liv stars in this show with her cousin, Ruby, in season 4.
  • This is the fourth show Liv has starred in after, Sing It Loud!, Space Werewolves, and Voltage.
  • Just like Voltage, its directed by Gemma Nimbus.
  • The main show's laugh track does not interrupt scenes of Sing it Louder
  • It is on the same network of Linda and Heather, according to Linda and Heather-A-Rooney.
  • Stephanie is the mentor to Sasha, who is the main character in the show.
  • Ruby was cast as Sasha.
  • Much like Sing It Loud!, the name of the show is always sung, except it takes longer to sing and has more notes.
  • Sasha is Stephanie Einstein's long-lost younger sister.
  • The series revolves around the driving question as to why Sasha was sent to the boarding school.
  • The cast did a live episode in Sing It Live!!!-A-Rooney, where Johnny Nimbus played a character and spoke directly to the live audience during filming as the host. This is a reference to Grease Live!, a live TV production of the movie, Grease, where Mario Lopez hosted the show, and also played the role of Vince Fontaine.
  • Since Stephanie and Sasha are long lost sisters, Sasha said she had a necklace with half a heart on it, saying the other half belonged to Stephanie, Sasha also said the necklace was given to her by her dying mother. Which hints that Bree DuMonts character Alberta Einstein was possibly killed off in 'Sing It Loud!'.



Stephanie & Sasha
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