Shelby Marcus
Shelby Marus
Biographical information
Full Name
Shelby Marcus
c. 2000 (Age 15-16)
Time Traveler

Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Norm Marcus (Father)
Astrid Marcus (mother)
Chet and Bret Marcus (younger twin brothers)
Cyd Ripley
Barry Eisenberg
Naldo Montoya
Liv Rooney
Holden Dippledorf
Liv Rooney, Voltage, Austin Moon
Production Information
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Portrayed By
 Shelby Marcus is one of the main protagonists of Best Friends Whenever. Shelby is Cyd's best friend and the two girls live together in Shelby's house, due to Cyd's parents leaving for Peru. Shelby and Cyd discover their power to time travel together by messing around with a science machine. Shelby is a girly, quirky, cheerful, and intelligent young teen. She always likes to keep it safe, and is always struggling to keep her and Cyd out of trouble. She is portrayed by Lauren Taylor and makes an appearance in Haunt-A-Rooney.



Shelby's best friend Cyd moved in to live with her after Cyd's parents went on an archeological dig in Peru.  Their lives turned upside down when their friend Barry's laser zapped Naldo's hair gel and gave them the ability to time travel. 


After Barry discovered a way to make his laser teleport, Shelby, along with Cyd used it to travel to New York. Along the way, Shelby discovered Liv Rooney from Voltage and geeked out.  However, Shelby unwittingly tipped off a gossipy photographer, leading Cyd to point out Liv, which led to an embarrasing photo to be taken of Liv and Holden. Shelby mistakenly thought the photo of them was romantic, but was told they were not a couple and that the photo could ruin Liv's social life with Andie. Shelby and Cyd agreed to help Liv and Holden delete the photo.  They staged a flash mob and distracted the photographer while Joey got rid of the photo.  After Liv thanked her and Cyd for helping her out, Shelby pointed out Austin Moon was wearing a bacon costume to mess with Cyd. However, Liv pointed out Austin Moon really was there, causing Shelby to go fangirl crazy as well.


Shelby is kind, cheerful, sassy, and a bit girly. She is smart and she thinks ahead all the time, however she can be a bit naïve. She is very positive and wants the best for everyone. Shelby is a genuinely kind hearted person, to the point where she feels guilty at being unkind to even honestly unpleasant people, such as The Rob. Shelby tends to be a little high strung but she is determined and a kind person.  


  • Shelby is a huge fan of Liv Rooney, Voltage, and Austin Moon.
  • Shelby, along with Cyd, seems to ship Liv and Holden.

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