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Season 3 of Liv and Maddie began airing on September 13, 2015 and ended on June 19, 2016.


When the Rooneys can’t go to Hollywood, Hollywood comes to them! The new show Voltage begins shooting in Stevens Point with Liv as its star and a new boy in town. Meanwhile, everyone’s wondering if Maddie got her chance to tell Diggie how she felt before he left for Australia! And, Joey tries to seem cooler by getting rid of his cat shirts while Parker tries to invent a new vegetable. Liv stars in a new TV show, Voltage, with a new co-star, Josh Willcox, who is also Maddie's new boyfriend. No matter what is thrown their way, Liv and Maddie know they can handle it all as long as they’ve got each other!


  1. 09/13/15 - Continued-A-Rooney (301)
  2. 09/13/15 - Voltage-A-Rooney (302)
  3. 09/20/15 - Co-Star-A-Rooney (305)
  4. 10/04/15 - Haunt-A-Rooney (306)
  5. 10/18/15 - Cowbell-A-Rooney (304)
  6. 10/25/15 - Grandma-A-Rooney (218)
  7. 11/08/15 - Meatball-A-Rooney (307)
  8. 11/22/15 - Ask Her More-A-Rooney (308)
  9. 12/06/15 - Joy To-A-Rooney (309)
  10. 01/17/16 - Ridgewood-A-Rooney (310)
  11. 01/24/16 - Coach-A-Rooney (311)
  12. 02/21/16 - Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney (312)
  13. 03/13/16 - Vive-La-Rooney (313)
  14. 03/20/16 - Dream-A-Rooney (314)
  15. 04/10/16 - Home Run-A-Rooney (315)
  16. 04/24/16 - Scoop-A-Rooney (316)
  17. 05/08/16 - Choose-A-Rooney (317)
  18. 05/22/16 - Friend-A-Rooney (318)
  19. 06/05/16 - SkyVolt-A-Rooney (319)
  20. 06/19/16 - Californi-A-Rooney (320)


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Stars


  • Season 3 started in September 2015.
  • Liv stars in a new TV show this season called Voltage.
  • This season introduces Josh Willcox, an actor who plays SkyVolt's love interest, who is also Maddie's new boyfriend.  
  • This season had a crossover event in the Halloween-themed episode Haunt-A-Rooney with the Disney Channel series "Best Friends Whenever". Also, there was another indirect crossover with "Austin & Ally", Austin Moon being mentioned by Liv, Shelby, and Cyd.
  • SPARF-A-Rooney was originally shot for Season 3, but was moved to Season 2 because Andy Grammer would guest star on it in time for Disney Channel's Sounds of Summer event. Because of this, Grandma-A-Rooney from Season 2 was in Season 3 as a replacement for the episode.
  • Season 3 officially finished filming on December 7, 2015, according to Dove Cameron's Instagram post.
  • On December 21, 2015, Dove Cameron and John Beck tweeted that Disney Channel had picked up Liv and Maddie for a 4th season. It will also be the last season of the series as no Disney Channel or Disney XD series has gone past a 4th season.
  • Liv and Maddie both get new love interests this season - Liv dates Holden Dippledorf, and Maddie dates Josh Willcox.
  • There is a graduation episode at the end of the season, being in the penultimate episode.
  • This season has the most amount of returning characters.
  • This is the final season to feature the Rooney's house in Wisconsin, as they move to a beach house in LA in Season 4.
  • The final two episodes are SkyVolt-A-Rooney and Californi-A-Rooney.
  • The premiere aired on September 13th, 2015 and the finale aired June 19th, 2016.
  • Liv and Maddie graduate high school in this season in SkyVolt-A-Rooney.
  • This season came out on Netflix on July 19th, 2016.
  • This was the only season to only feature one song (Key of Life).


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