Scare-A-Rooney is the third episode in season 4 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on October 14, 2016.


Liv takes Ruby to a spooky dinner and runs into an old acquaintance and Maddie comes face-to-face with the real-life spider-sprayer. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey must convince their classmates to celebrate Halloween.

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Guest Cast

  • Aaron Hendry as Henry/Torture King


  • This is the very last Halloween episode for the series.
  • The kids Maddie showered with marshmallows were played by the twin nephews of the director.
  • On March 8th 2016, Dove Cameron posted photos on Snapchat wearing a green Halloween wig and announced a Halloween episode was in the works.
  • This is part of Disney Channel's Monster theme.
  • Ruby dresses up as SkyVolt for Halloween. This is the first time since SkyVolt-A-Rooney that the costume is seen.
  • Aaron Hendry, who played Zaydock in Voltage, guest stars in this episode playing the Torture King at the restaurant.
  • It is revealed that since Liv left the show, the storyline of Zaydock's resurrection "went out of the window", thus leaving Zaydock's actor without a job.
  • When asked if he has ever held a pig, Joey answers yes. This is most likely a reference to Jessie’s Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey where he gave a pig to Emma as a pet.
  • Originally, David Tolentino, one of the writers, was supposed to come out of the teleportation pod, but decided to get Joey Bragg to do it instead.[1]
  • When Joey gets "teleported" with the chicken, Parker calls him by his real name instead of "Falcon" in front of his classmates. His classmates don't seem to notice this, however, and it is unknown if it was a mistake or not.
  • This is the first episode in season 4 that features a new location set, which isn't a studio or school set.


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