I lived with you for four years. so I got to learn from the best.
— Ruby to Liv
Ruby Smith
Biographical information
Full Name
Ruby Smith
Sasha (role in Sing It Louder!!)
Straight A's (by Liv)
mid 2000's (age 11/12)
Physical Description
Hair Color
Light Brown
Eye Color
Personal Information
Grandma Janice (grandmother)
Dena (mother)
Liv Rooney (cousin, cast-mate)
Maddie Rooney (cousin)
Joey Rooney (cousin)
Parker Rooney (cousin)
Karen Rooney (aunt)
Pete Rooney (uncle)
Craig (Possible cousin)
Priya (Best Friend)
Liv Rooney (Good Friend/Cousin/Cast-Mate)
Parker Rooney (Good Friend/Cousin)
Singing, Voltage, slumber parties
Lying, pressure, rodents
Production Information
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Portrayed By

Ruby Smith is the Rooneys' cousin from California who joined the main cast of Liv and Maddie for the fourth and final season. She follows in her cousin, Liv's, footsteps and becomes an actress. She gets her first role as the main lead character in Sing It Louder!!

Ruby is portrayed by Lauren Lindsey Donzis


Ruby is energetic, sweet, and very outgoing. She's enthusiastic and optimistic.

Physical Appearance

Ruby has chest-length light brown hair, and brown eyes.


  • Ruby and Liv are cast mates in Liv's new TV series called, Sing It Louder!!.
  • Her character's name was originally called Skye.
  • Ruby is the new main character in season 4, replacing Pete.
  • She spent the summer before the Rooney's arrival in California in Africa with her grandmother Janice.
  • Her role on "Sing It Louder!!" is Sasha, the main protagonist and resident of Hoover House at Monahan Academy.
  • She likes singing, and dislikes lying.
  • Ruby seems to like Voltage. Since she dresses up like Liv's SkyVolt for Halloween in Scare-A-Rooney, she probably prefers the old SkyVolt over Josh's.
  • Her surname wasn't announced later on in the series.
  • She loves slumber parties. (Slumber Party-A-Rooney)
  • Although she is Liv's cousin, they play sisters in Sing It Louder!!
  • Ruby was absent on the tenth and eleventh episode of the fourth season, Ex-A-Rooney and Tiny House-A-Rooney.


Ruby Season 4 Intro
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