Rooney House
Outside of the house


Liv Rooney
Maddie Rooney
Parker Rooney
Joey Rooney
Karen Rooney
Pete Rooney


Steven's Point, Wisconsin

Known Rooms

Liv and Maddie's Room
Living Room
Parker and Joey's Room

The Rooney House was where the Rooney family lived. It was a main area in the series in seasons 1-3. The house appeared to be very big and painted yellow with green lining around the windows. The Rooneys moved out when the house gets destroyed in Californi-A-Rooney and the house was never seen again.


The Backyard


Evidently of late-Victorian style, the house has many rooms. Liv and Maddie both share a room, which was first revealed in Twin-A-Rooney, and Joey and Parker also share a room that was mentioned in Twin-A-Rooney.

Show History


The house was decorated to welcome Liv back from Hollywood.

Sweet 16-A-Rooney

It was also decorated in Sweet 16-A-Rooney for Liv and Maddie's birthdays.


The house is decorated once again because they're congratulation Liv and Maddie for getting their driver's license, although Liv is the only one that gets it so they try and clean up the house before Maddie gets there.

Known Rooms


  • Diggie, Holden, Ocean, Skippy, Stains, Cassie, Evan, Willow, Artie, and Josh have visited the family house.
  • The backyard has a basketball court.
  • Parker made tunnels throughout the house, and the entrance to one is on the stairs.
  • Ask Her More-A-Rooney revealed that when Parker created Parker's Hollow, he used Maddie's overdue book to keep the balance of the house and if the book is removed, or even barely touched, it would cause a quake that could destroy the house, which happens in Californi-A-Rooney.
  • Its last seen in Californi-A-Rooney.
  • This is the first house shown on the show, the second being Dena's Beach House.
  • It was mentioned several times throughout the final season.


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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