Rooney Family


The Rooney Family is shown often in Liv and Maddie. It consists of Liv, Maddie, Joey, Parker, Karen and Pete Rooney.





Great grandparents


  • The Rooney family live together in the Rooney House. Liv, Maddie, and Joey attend Ridgewood High. Pete Rooney is the basketball coach for their school and Karen Rooney is the school psychologist. Parker's school is unknown.
  • Liv is the oldest out of the Rooney children.
  • Parker is the youngest out of the Rooney Family.
  • They had a great grandmother named "Great-Gran" in the family, but she died before Liv came back home, and that could be a reason why she didn't know about that. (Twin-A-Rooney)
  • It is unknown why Liv and Maddie have blonde hair, because all of the other family members have brown or black hair.
  • When they need to discuss something, they have a "family meeting." Karen created family meetings so the family can talk and discuss things when they need to.
  • It is unknown if Pete is older than Karen or if Karen is older than Pete, or if they are the same age.
  • Their address is 16410 Crane Street Stevens Point, WI 54481.