Finally the birth of 'Miggie'!

Move-A-Rooney is the thirteenth episode in season 1 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on February 9, 2014 and received 2.7 million total viewers.


The kids mistakenly believe they are moving.

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Memorable Quotes

Maddie: If I only have one day left here, I'm gonna tell Diggie how I feel about him.
Liv: I am staging a live-in.
Diggie: You're gonna move away without saying bye?

Maddie: I was going to but I got really hurt when you blew me off after reading my note.
Diggie: What note?
Maddie: The one I wrote on the basketball? Like one does when one is terrified of getting hurt, like one did.
Diggie: I must have smudged it with my basketball pig sweat. What did it say?
Maddie: I like you Diggie.

Diggie: I like you too Maddie (Maddie blushes)
Diggie: If you're moving, I want you to have this and not because you're cool, because this means something to me like you do. (Diggie puts his jacket around Maddie)
Maddie: Maddie and Diggie are officially in like with each other.
Liv: (squeals) Finally the birth of 'Miggie'!

Diggie: So looks like you're staying. We said some things.
Maddie: We sure did.
Diggie: I guess things will be different from now on.
Maddie: Yeah I guess. So sup?
Diggie: Stuff.

Maddie: Bam what? (They smile at each other)
Diggie: Aww I kinda like it! (Maddie glares at him) Uhh I hate it!
Maddie: Madison?! Madison's 2 hours from here! That's a completely different school! With no Diggie's in it!


  • It is revealed that Parker dug a series of tunnels around the house.
  • Maddie and Diggie start dating in this episode, after they both admitted their feelings for each other. 
  • The pairing name of 'Miggie' (Maddie & Diggie) is mentioned in this episode.
  • It's revealed that Liv is terrified of bugs.
  • Karen has a new phone. 
  • It is revealed that Liv has always been 1/8 of an inch taller than Maddie.
  • When Maddie and Diggie almost hug and handshake at the beginning of the episode, it could be a reference to Disney Channel's original series Austin & Ally's series premiere "Rockers & Writers" when Austin & Ally hug/handshake.
  • Liv seems to be a Miggie shipper because she got excited when Maddie said that she and Diggie are officially a couple and believes they're meant to be together; and she even mentioned it.


  • Liv ends the Facegab call with her mom by pressing the mic instead of the red button (to end the call).

Series continuity

  • In "Twin-A-Rooney", Maddie says she likes Diggie, in this episode, Maddie and Diggie confess to each other that they like each other and officially become a couple.


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