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Miller white
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Miller White
Professional skateboarder

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Liv Rooney (Ex-Girlfriend)
Maddie Rooney

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Miller White was a character on Liv and Maddie. He was Liv's ex-boyfriend.

He was portrayed by Connor Weil.


Back when Liv was in Hollywood, she and Miller dated and carried on up until Skate-A-Rooney. Although he is outlandishly stupid, he is very good at skateboarding and was brought in to teach Liv how to skateboard for her role in the movie, The Skateboard Bandit. His first and probably last appearance was in Skate-A-Rooney. He was first introduced as "boyfriend" from Liv when she finds out he's coming to town, and carries a homemade skateboard for good luck which he named "Stanley." Since Miller is quite stupid, he thought that Joey was Liv's identical twin. Sadly, he dumped her by text message, but later he asked to get back together to Liv since she was a judge for the skateboard competition and wanted to win, not knowing that he was actually talking to Maddie. Liv, still angry with Miller, is about to break Miller's favorite thing, his skateboard, but Maddie stops her and tells her he wanted to get back together. But Miller admitted he didn't actually want to, he just wanted to win the competition and it was all a trick. Maddie, angry at him, cut off his famous ponytail.


  • When Liv was in Hollywood, she dated Miller; this is revealed in the Are You Liv or Maddie? game on
  • He appears as a main antagonist in Skate-A-Rooney.
  • Miller White is Liv's ex-boyfriend as revealed in Skate-A-Rooney.
  • He dated Liv, and then dumped her in a text message.


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