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Liv And Maddie - Meatball-a-Rooney - Promo

Meatball-A-Rooney is the seventh episode in season 3 of Liv & Maddie. It aired on November 8, 2015. This episode scored 2.1 million viewers.


When Willow earns a scholarship that Maddie really wanted, the besties get into a huge fight. Then, when Joey accidentally breaks Liv’s toe and tries to make things better, he ends up making it even worse.[1]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest stars

  • April Marshall-Miller as Anina
  • Ashlyn Faith Williams as Lula

Absent cast


  • Benjamin King (Pete Rooney) did not appear in this episode.
  • Willow gets a scholarship and due to that Maddie will get jealous, and it soon causes a spark between them.
  • Liv gets a broken toe.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Liv is not seen wearing a dress or skirt.
  • Willow and Maddie fight for the first time.
  • Since Joey breaks Liv's toe, he tries to make it up to Liv by offering her some help but it ends badly.
  • Liv makes an interpretation of Maddie in this episode.
  • Ashlyn Faith Williams guest starred on an episode of Girl Meets World, another Disney Channel show.
  • This is the last appearance of Herbie Jackson as Reggie in Liv and Maddie as he did not appear in the rest of Season 3 and he did not make an appearance in Season 4.


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