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Liv and Maddie's room
Liv and Maddie's room


Liv Rooney
Maddie Rooney

Located in

Rooney House

Liv and Maddie's Room is Liv and Maddie Rooney's bedroom. It is located in the Rooney House.


  • Two twin size beds
  • Windows
  • Mini couch
  • Desk
  • Orange wallpaper
  • Curtains
  • Mirror
  • Chairs
Twin-A-Rooney (43)
Liv and Karen in Twin-A-Rooney
MacyZC55Added by MacyZC55


  • Maddie's basketball trophies are displayed in this room.
  • Liv and Maddie have shared this room since they were in sixth grade.
  • Liv has a colorful mannequin displayed in this room.
  • The room has a window in it.
  • The room has 2 beds for Liv and Maddie.
  • The windows are sort of a balcony.
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