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I really, really like her
Liv and Andie

Liv Rooney
Andie Bustamante

Pairing Name



Best Friends

Portrayed by

Dove Cameron
Victoria Moroles

Liv and Andie is the friendship between Liv Rooney and Andie Bustamante. The girls are best friends and have lots in common, such as clothes, even though they are polar opposites.

They are portrayed by Dove Cameron and Victoria Moroles.

Other Names

  • Landie (L/iv and Andie) (official name)
  • Lindie (Li/v and A/ndie)





Similarities and Differences



  • Liv is a girly-girl, and Andie is a total tomboy,
  • Liv has blonde hair and Andie has black hair.
  • Andie only has brothers, but Liv has two brothers and one twin sister.
  • Andie has a boyfriend, however Liv doesn't.
  • Liv is a celebrity and Andie is a regular girl.


  • Liv says no to Holden when he asked her on a date because she didn't wanted to hurt Andie's feelings.
  • Andie suggested that Liv and Holden should date.
  • In Prom-A-Rooney, Liv was going to ask Holden out to prom, however Andie does it just before she does.
  • When Andie's brothers dresses her for prom, Liv helped her to look nice.
  • Andie had no clue that Liv liked Holden when he and her were dating.


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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