In Premiere-A-Rooney, Liv's new movie Space Werewolves is about to release and the movie premiere event is coming up.

In Pottery-A-Rooney, Karen seeks Liv's fashion advice on how to dress cool, and ends up dressing exactly like her daughter, leading to a fashion face-off.

In Helgaween-A-Rooney, Liv seeks to make the theme for the school Halloween brown "Brown," which Maddie isn't that much of a fan of.

In Kathy Kan-A-Rooney, Liv meets Korean teen sensation "Kathy Kan" in an effort to mentor her on the South Korean version of "Sing It Loud!"

In Match-A-Rooney, Liv plays matchmaker for various students for an upcoming school dance, but also tries to set Willow up on a date with Artie, while Joey seems to be on the verge of dating a cheerleader.

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