Kylie Kramer
Biographical information
Full Name
Kylie Kramer
Kay-Kay (by Liv and Maddie)
Cray-Cray (by Maddie)
c. 1997-1998
Bad Girl
Resides In
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Liv Rooney (formerly)
Being bad
Ditching school
Production Information
First Appearance
Portrayed By

Kylie Kramer is a character on Liv and Maddie, who appears in the episode "Steal-A-Rooney".

Kylie is portrayed by Anne Winters.

Physical Appearance

Kylie has brown eyes, brown hair and a typical "bad girl" look. Her clothes are usually rebellious and dark-colored. She has dark heavy eye make-up.


Kylie is a bad girl who likes ditching school and stealing. She attends Ridgewood High. She is possibly in 10th grade, along with Liv and Maddie. She is known for being bad at school and she has no regard for the law, as shown in Steal-A-Rooney.


Kylie first appears in Steal-A-Rooney as a bad girl. When she was first introduced Liv tried to be her friend, as she was mad at Maddie for setting up her friendship with Ocean. Liv tried to start a conversation with Kylie, but she didn't seem to care and she didn't say much. Later on, Kylie decides to ditch school and asks Liv to go to the mall with her. After a while, when they're about to leave the mall, Kylie tells Liv to steal a pair of sunglasses and hands them to her, but she drops them on the ground when they're spotted.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • She has a reputation for being bad.
  • Kylie Kramer may not be her actual name because she mention she got a new ID and literally became a a new person.
  • She stole a pair of sunglasses from the sunglasses cart at the mall and she blamed Liv.
  • Maddie describes her as bad news.
  • She was once kicked out of an online school.
  • She ditched school to go to the mall and she invited Liv to go with her.
  • She doesn't hesitate to steal and break the law.


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