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Kathy Kan
Biographical information
Full Name
Kathy Kan
Singer, actress
Resides In
South Korea
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Singing, pranks
Production Information
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Portrayed By
Who can? Kathy Kan can!
— Kathy's opening dialogue

Kathy Kan is a character in Liv and Maddie. She's a Korean popstar and international teen sensation.

Kathy is portrayed by Piper Curda.


Kathy Kan makes a special appearance at the school by breaking out of a big present box and sings her song. After the performance, Liv Rooney introduces herself to the Korean pop star and tells her she idolizes her. Kathy also tells Liv the same and the two become fast friends. She is doing a Korean version of Sing It Loud!


  • Kathy is portrayed by Piper Curda, who stars as Jasmine Kang in I Didn't Do It.
  • Kathy has a bit of a prankster personality, like Piper's other character, Jasmine.
  • Kathy is Korean. In real life, Piper Curda does have Korean ancestry.
  • According to Piper Curda, she originally played Kathy with a Korean accent, but the idea was scrapped
  • Kathy's first dress she appears in resembles that of Sailor Moon's sailor fuku.

Episode Appearances


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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