Josh: Hey, no hard feelings, Holden?
Holden: No, of course not.
Josh and Holden
Holden and Josh

Josh Willcox
Holden Dippledorf

Pairing Name





Josh and Joey

Portrayed by

Lucas Adams
Jordan Fisher

Josh and Holden is the friendship paring between Josh Willcox and Holden Dippledorf. The two first met in Co-Star-A-Rooney, when they both auditioned to play Garrison, Liv's love interest in Voltage. Even though Josh got the role and Holden didn't, he was fine with it and it was assumed they were friends, but they are officially seen hanging out together a little in Scoop-A-Rooney.

They are portrayed by Lucas Adams and Jordan Fisher.



  • They meet for the first time
  • They sit next to each other when watching Artie audition
  • Josh asks Holden if there are any hard feelings between them since Josh has the role of Garrison and Holden doesn't
  • Holden is happy for Josh when he gets the role


  • They are seen talking and hanging out together a bit in the first scene
  • They stand close to each other in the hallway
  • They compete against each other to be Joey's best friend

Similarities and Differences


  • They both auditioned for the role of Garrison in Voltage
  • They're both male
  • They are both good friends with Joey
  • They both know Liv and Maddie, but for different reasons.
  • They're both returning characters
  • They both ended up losing Liv and Maddie, but for different reasons.


  • Josh is an actor, but Holden isn't
  • Holden's skin is darker than Josh's
  • Josh has dirty blonde hair, but Holden's is dark brown
  • Holden is a neighbour to the Rooney's, but Josh isn't
  • Holden sings, but Josh doesn't


  • They both dated Liv and Maddie - Holden was dating Liv, and Josh was dating Maddie
  • They first met in Co-Star-A-Rooney, when auditioning to play Garrison
  • They are first properly seen hanging out together in Scoop-A-Rooney