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Don't look me in the eye when I'm thinking, it makes me uncomfortable.
Joey and Skippy
Joey and Ski

Joey Rooney and Skippy Ramirez

Pairing Name



Good friends

Portrayed by

Joey Bragg and Allen Alvarado

Joey and Skippy are good friends, Joey has helped Skippy at times and they seem quite close. They have been friends since they were young, and Joey was the one who introduced Skippy to skateboarding.

They are portrayed by

Joey Bragg and Allen Alvarado.

Other Names

  • Jippy (J/oey and Sk/ippy)
  • Joppy (Jo/ey and Ski/ppy)
  • Soey (S/kippy and J/oey)
  • Skiy (Ski/ppy and Jo/ey)
  • Skoey (Sk/ippy and J/oey)
  • Skey (Skippy and Jo/ey)
  • Joy (Jo/ey and Skipp/y)



  • Skippy recognized Joey and brought him into a room.
  • Joey pretended to be him to help him out.
  • Joey was the one that started Skippy's career when they were younger.


  • Joey and Skippy were both chosen to be Paulie protectors.
  • Joey and Skippy were wearing "Boo" and "Yah" shirts respectively.


Joey: Don't look at me in the eyes when I'm thinking, it makes me uncomfortable.


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