Joey and Diggie

Joey Rooney
Diggie Smalls

Pairing Name




Portrayed by

Joey Bragg
Ryan McCartan

Joey and Diggie is the friendship between Joey Rooney and Diggie Smalls. Joey considers Diggie a friend, but Diggie seems mostly annoyed by Joey.

They are portrayed by Joey Bragg and Ryan McCartan.

Other Names

  • Jiggie (J/oey and D/iggie)
  • Digoey (Dig/gie and J/oey)


Joey likes Diggie as a friend. Diggie though more kind of hangs out with him because of Joey's sister, Maddie and is mostly annoyed or irritated by Joey. For example, Diggie only let Joey watch over the Paulie statue because he was being annoying. It's also shown Diggie doesn't trust Joey when it comes to important issues such as protecting the Paulie mascot, as Joey tends to be overconfident and clumsy.


  • Diggie is dating Joey's sister, Maddie.
  • Joey's always happy to see Diggie, while Diggie is mostly not.
  • In Scoop-A-Rooney,Joey tried to replace Diggie by either Holden or Josh but went with Josh since Holden broke up with Liv in that very episode. When he spots Diggie, he forgets Josh and calls him his "orginal cool best bro" while interrupting his reunion with Maddie by hugging him.
  • Joey almost always interrupts moments between Maddie and Diggie. Diggie finally gets him back in SkyVolt-A-Rooney by interrupting a moment between Joey and Willow.
  • Joey kissed Diggie on the cheek for some reason.

Similarities and Differences


  • Both have dark hair.
  • Both have a brother
  • Both are okay with eating cake off the floor
  • Both don't get a long with Artie very much


  • Diggie is older than Joey.
  • Diggie is a foreign exchange student, but Joey isn't
  • Diggie has more of a dating history than Joey
  • Joey wears glasses, but Diggie doesn't
  • Joey doesn't get along with Maddie as much as Diggie does


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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