Parker: That's what it looks like when a girl is happy to see you.
Joey: Thanks Parker. And this is what it looks like in my armpit. [shoves Parker in his armpit]


Wait, I am 9th grader. That was the best yearbook picture I ever taken. Wait!


I hope this isn't kangarude but I can't help wondering if trapped inside that kangaroo is a stoned cold fox!


Don't look me in the eye when I'm thinking, it makes me uncomfortable.


Hey! That's my line!
Hey Willow...

Fa La La La-A-Rooney

The only reason I did this Santa Stand was so that I could pay off your Christmas present. [Joey takes out helicopter] I talked Mom out of getting you that helicopter because I already got it for you.
Me either, I guess it's just the Christmas spirit.
I have a plan to turn Christmas cheer into Christmas ka-ching!


There's the FroyoYOLO girl
I'm thinking about changing my name into "Joo-ooey"
Bitterness is an ugly flavor on you, Liv

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