Biographical information
Full Name
Helga Rooney
The alpha triplet

Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Pete Rooney (father)
Karen Rooney (mother)
Liv Rooney (Sister(but only for part of the episode))
Maddie Rooney (sister)
Joey Rooney (Brother)
Parker Rooney (Brother)
Janice Rooney
Great-Gran (Great-Grandmother)
Evil, being complimented, hummus
"Goody Rooneys"
Production Information
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Portrayed By
Dove Cameron

Helga Rooney was the fictional triplet of Liv and Maddie, fictional daughter of Karen and Pete, and fictional older sister of Parker and Joey Rooney. She first appeared in "Helgaween-A-Rooney", during which she served as the main antagonist of that episode.

Helga is portrayed by Dove Cameron.


Maddie was resting on the couch still recovering from her injury when her mom finds a special amulet from the storage and shows it to her. Maddie wishes she wasn't twin. The result is the creation of Helga, the third sister of Liv and Maddie. But the family already thinks she has been a part of their lives since they were born, making them triplets.

However, Helga is not like her sisters. She has a twisted personality and superpowers she can use at her own will to torture family and friends. Joey and Parker thought Maddie was crazy for a world without Helga. In this alternate timeline, Helga seems to be the "ruler'" of the house and Ridgewood High, turning Scare-fest into Helga-fest and she puts teachers and students in cages if they do not kneel to her.

She often refers to herself in third person. She has messy, gross hair, medieval style clothes, and talks in a loud, menacing voice. She has telekinesis and can use her powers to give "Helga Wedgies" to people that disobey her. Her existence changed the "Sisters by chance, friends by choice" poster into "Sisters by chance, friends by force" and Helga is shown with Maddie and Liv kneeling to her, scared.

She likes to be dirty, she is very messy. She can eat rotten fish in 3 seconds. She also has strong teeth, and ate the amulet with hummus on it. Maddie wished her family would go back to normal and it glowed from inside her stomach. Then Maddie woke up from her dream and realized that it was just part of Karen's hypnotherapy.


  • It is possible Helga is what Liv and Maddie dressed up as, because Karen says they were dressed as witches on Halloween when the twins were 6 years old.
  • It seems that Helga likes Maddie more than Liv.


Helga (confessional): Who are you people? Why are you STARING AT HELGA?

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