There are various movies and television shows mentioned on Liv & Maddie, such as Sing It Loud!


Movie First Episode Mentioned Actors Notes
The Skateboard Bandit Skate-A-Rooney Liv Rooney It was a high-grossing movie about a skateboarding bank robber.

"A girl, a bag of loot, a skateboard. She'll take your money and steal your heart." ~ Pete Rooney

Space Werewolves Switch-A-Rooney Liv Rooney The series revolves around Tristan Lycanth, a half boy and half werewolf (changed to girl for movie) who lives in outer space and is the keeper of the Claw of Freedom.
The Funaways Band-A-Rooney Liv Rooney A movie apparently about an all-girl rock band. Liv played the guitarist, but revealed that she was only mime-playing for the movie.
Jax & Max Ex-A-Rooney

Joey Rooney

Josh Willcox

A buddy-cop spinoff movie about Jax Von Hapsburg from the Voltage TV series. With his partner, Max Van Pluto, they protect the fictional city of San Luego from the evil forces of Lisa De Los Ray-Eyes.
Custodians of the Cosmos 2 Tiny House-A-Rooney John Denham

Julie Hoover Dave Schreieber


TV Shows

Show First Episode Mentioned Actors Notes
Sing It Loud! Twin-A-Rooney Liv Rooney,

Bree DuMont,

South Salamanca

Liv describes it as a show where "kids suddenly break into song for no reason," so it assumed to be a musical series about teens in high school. Liv plays Stephanie Einstein. It is similar and probably based off of High School Musical.
Raise The Roof BFF-A-Rooney South Salamanca Parker mentions that in the South's show, they sing on the roof day by day.
Linda and Heather Kathy Kan-A-Rooney Linda


Parker's favorite show. It's about two best friends, Linda and Heather, who wind up in crazy situations. Linda & Heather might be a spoof on Liv & Maddie. It is likely named after the co-executive producers Heather MacGillvray and Linda Matthious.
Voltage Continued-A-Rooney Liv Rooney

Josh Willcox

Tess, a high school cheerleader is struck by lightning giving her the power of electricity as the heroine, Skyvolt.
Sing It Louder!! Linda and Heather-A-Rooney Liv Rooney



Stephanie Einstein returns as the RA of Hoover House at Monahan Academy. The main protagonist is Sasha, a ne'er-do-well who gets mentored by Stephanie Einstein herself.
Bits and Pieces End-A-Rooney All characters who have ever done a confessional In End-A-Rooney, it is revealed that every confessional ever done throughout the show was actually for a reality show called Bits and Pieces (a reference to Liv and Maddie's original title). The show airs in Luxembourg under the title Morceaux et Pièces.


Show First Episode Mentioned Actors Notes
Double Duchess End-A-Rooney Liv Rooney An heir to the throne of England disguises herself as a commoner, flies to Brooklyn and wins a double dutch jump rope contest. Liv describes it as "exactly like Hamilton, but with jump ropes".

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