Dream-A-Rooney is the 14th episode in season 3 of Liv and Maddie. It premiered on March 20, 2016.


“Voltage” is taking up all of Liv’s time, but when The Dream is asked to reunite for a fundraiser, Liv is determined to make it happen. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to figure out where to go to college.

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Maddie: Hey dad. Can I talk to you for a second? It's not about college or basketball or anything. It's actually, it's about, um... a cow.Pete: Nothing in the rules against talking about a cow.

Maddie: Right, so, so there's this... cow, uh, and she's trying to choose a... meadow, um, and, and, you know, there are a lot of really... great meadows, but there's only one that's making her feel... excited.
Pete: Okay, so, so what's this cow... like about this particular... m-meadow?
Maddie: Well, there's this farmer there who taught her how to eat grass when she was a calf, um, and... the problem is, she just, she can't tell if she likes the meadow because she loves her farmer... or, you know, because it's the right meadow for her.
Pete: Well, you should tell your... cow... as long as you give each meadow serious consideration the emotional choice can still be the right choice.

Pete: Also... tell that cow, no matter what, the farmer's always gonna love her, and support whatever decision she makes.


  • Key of Life is The Dream's new song.
  • Artie returns from his three-episode absence.
  • Aubrey returns from her seven-episode absence.
  • Maddie tries to choose from 6 colleges in this episode, one of which is where her father coaches.
  • Willow accidentally reveals to Andie the real reason why Holden broke up with her
  • Laura Marano makes a cameo appearance at the beginning of the episode as one of the students at Ridgewood High.
  • This episode aired on October 12, 2016 in the UK.


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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The Dream "Key Of Life" Liv and Maddie01:23

The Dream "Key Of Life" Liv and Maddie

Dream-a-Rooney - Promo00:34

Dream-a-Rooney - Promo

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