I spent two hours in a ditch, picking anything people threw in their cars. Cigarette box, potato chip bags and most humiliating of all: Season One DVD of Sing It Loud!
Liv to Karen and Maddie

Dodge-A-Rooney is the seventh episode in season 1 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on November 3, 2013 and received 3.3 million total viewers.


When Liv decides to volunteer at the senior center where Maddie works, chaos ensues and the seniors get the girls involved in a game of dodge ball to claim their turf. Meanwhile, Diggie puts Joey and Skippy as Paulie the Porcupine's protectors. But when the porcupine breaks Parker gives them "Parker's Paste".[1]

Episode Summary


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Allen Alvarado as Skippy Ramirez
  • Dennis Cockrum as Baxter Fontanel
  • Jill Basey as Janet Budge
  • Carol Mack as Golden Chord #1
  • Trina Parks as Golden Chord #2

Memorable Quotes

Maddie: Hi mom, I had the best day during community center, helping people feels so great.

Karen: Wow, oh Maddie I feel so glad, would you help me set the table?

Maddie: Ugh I'm so tired.
Liv: Turns out beautify Wisconsin is not going in to door giving makeovers
Joey: Don't look me in the eye when I'm thinking, it makes me uncomfortable
Maddie: Yeah, wait till she finds out what "beautify Wisconsin" actually means.
Liv: I decided to ditch the ditch.
Maddie: You should check with Mom, she will reassign you
Parker: My scooter broke. It was the weirdest thing, me and Cooper and Isaac and Kolton Jack and Richie and Stevie and Evan were riding on it and it just snapped.


  • In this episode, Ridgewood High is banned from doing community service at the community centre.
  • This episode shows more friendship between Skippy and Joey.
  • Liv found a Sing It Loud! DVD in a ditch.
  • Liv and Maddie have a game of dodgeball in the community centre along with the residents.
  • Joey and Skippy have t-shirts spelling out, 'Boo-yah!' This is a possible reference to 'Kim Possible', where one of the characters (Ron Stoppable) has 'Boo-yah!' as a catchphrase.


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