Josh: Hey, I'm Josh.
Diggie: Diggie
Diggie and Josh
Josh and Diggie

Diggie Smalls
Josh Willcox

Pairing Name





Josh and Joey
Joey and Diggie

Portrayed by

Ryan McCartan
Lucas Adams

Diggie and Josh is the frenemy paring of Diggie Smalls and Josh Willcox. Diggie found out about Josh in Scoop-A-Rooney when he found out Josh was dating Maddie, which made Diggie very jealous and want Maddie back, hinting Diggie didn't like Josh. Then in Choose-A-Rooney, the two officially met and Josh was indifferent towards him, although Diggie didn't return the kindness as he tried to take Maddie away from Josh due to jealousy. After Josh sees the loving way Maddie was looking at Diggie,while Diggie sang to her, he breaks up with Maddie. He tells her to go with Diggie because he could see she still had feelings for Diggie and he wanted her to be happy.

They are portrayed by Ryan McCartan and Lucas Adams.



  • Diggie finds out about Josh
  • Diggie is jealous of Josh


  • They officially meet
  • Josh nonchalantly introduces himself to Diggie and he does the same, whilst giving a small smile.
  • Diggie is really jealous of Josh
  • Josh knows about Diggie
  • Josh admits he isn't happy that Diggie is back in town

Similarities and Differences


  • They both know Maddie
  • They both have the same friends
  • They were both in Steven's Point for a while, before leaving for different reasons
  • They're both male
  • They're both returning characters
  • They're both have apparences in Season 4, but not in the same episode.


  • Josh is best friends with Joey, whilst Diggie doesn't seem to like him
  • Diggie is a high school student, but Josh isn't
  • Josh is an actor, but Diggie isn't
  • Diggie is from Wisconsin, whilst Josh is from LA
  • Josh has dirty blonde hair, whilst Diggie has brown hair


  • They officially first met in Choose-A-Rooney
  • Diggie was extremely jealous of Josh


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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