Demon's Dungeon
Demon's Dungeon
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Malibu, California

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Demon's Dungeon is a restaurant in Malibu, California. It is shown in the season 4 episode Scare-A-Rooney, when Liv takes Ruby there after trick-or-treating. The only known worker there is Henry, who starred along Liv in Voltage, although she didn't know who he was, since she had never seen him outside of his character Zaydock. Liv was scared about Henry, because he was the torture king and she thought he was killing her.

Known Workers

  • Henry as Torture King



  • It is shown in Scare-A-Rooney.
  • The only known worker is Henry who starred alongside Liv on Voltage as Zaydock.
  • Liv takes Ruby here after trick-or-treating.
  • The theme is a dungeon. In another Disney show, Wizards of Wavery Place, there was a restaurant named The Late Night Bite with this same theme run by vampires. It's possible that this restaurant is based upon that.
  • It is shown in Scare-A-Rooney that the drinks are designed like witch potions.


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