Cyd Ripley
Cyd Ripley
Biographical information
c. 2000 (Age 15-16)
Resides In
Portland, OR
Physical Description
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Eye Color
Personal Information
Ed Ripley (father)
Naldo (crush)
Shelby Marcus
Liv Rooney
Holden Dippledorf
Barry Eisenberg
Naldo Montoya
Liv Rooney, Austin Moon, Food,Naldo
Production Information
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Portrayed By
Cydney "Cyd" Ripley[1] is one of the main protagonists in Best Friends Whenever. Cyd is Shelby Marcus's best friend, and the two girls live together in Shelby's house due to Cyd's parents leaving for Peru. Cyd and Shelby discover the power to time travel together by messing around with Barry's laser. She appears in the episode Haunt-A-Rooney.



While Cyd's parents left to go to Peru for an archeological dig, Cyd chose to stay and live with her best friend Shelby. She and Shelby accidentally gained the power of time travel with their neighbor Barry's laser.  Since then, they got themselves in various situations with time travel.


In Haunt-A-Rooney, after Barry found a way to make the laser teleport, Cyd and Shelby used it to take them to the Central Park Spooktacular.  Cyd called attention to Liv Rooney, inadvertently helping a gossip vlog photographer who took a photo of Holden catching Liv as if they were about to kiss. Cyd also mistakenly assumed Liv and Holden were a couple, but was told otherwise and how it could jeopardize Liv's friendship with Andie. Realizing her mistake, Cyd agreed to help Liv get rid of the photo. Cyd and Shelby helped create a flash mob and distracted the photographer while Joey took care of the rest and deleted the photo.  


Cyd is a tomboy who is very sarcastic. She likes to eat a lot, and can be very lazy. Cyd is a big troublemaker, and often acts without thinking. Cyd generally doesn't think things through, but its more out of laziness and impulsiveness than any genuine stupidity. Though she can be slightly slow on the upkeep. Cyd is a bit more cynical, and also a bit blunt. Despite her tomboyish personality, it's shown Cyd gets star-struck around certain celebrities, such as Austin Moon.


  • Cyd is a big fan of Liv Rooney and Austin Moon
  • Cyd seems to ship Liv and Holden.

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