Cook-A-Rooney is the sixteenth episode in season 2 of Liv & Maddie. It aired on April 12, 2015 and received 2.1 million total viewers.


To raise her grade in Mr. Clodfelter's home economics class, Maddie must win the Plate Off and defeat the class master chef, Artie. Meanwhile, Joey convinces Pete to sponsor his made-up clubs at school.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Parker and Reggie destroying a model of Stevens Point, with Parker dressed as a robot and Reggie dressed as a giant lizard. Then Liv and Karen join in. After Parker leaves, Reggie stays and asks Liv for advice, since he's crushing on an "older girl." Liv advises him to dress up in a suit and write a love poem. Karen thinks Liv's the "older girl" Reggie's crushing on, but Liv doesn't believe her. After the theme song, Maddie and Pete are shown walking down the hallways of Ridgewood High, and Maddie is pumped that she's back on the basketball team, only to be informed that she's on academic hold. Karen says that she's off the basketball team unless she can raise her grade in Home Ec. Maddie has to win the Clodfelter Cooking Competition in order to raise her grade. However, it's revealed that her competitor is Artie, a master chef.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Star

  • Kevin James as Mr. Clodfelter


  • Kevin James from Paul Blart: Mall Cop guest stars.
  • Reggie is seen walking downstairs in his green boxers with race cars on it.
  • Maddie's basketball team hasn't lost a game since she got back on.
  • Maddie is nicknamed as "Mad Dog".


Liv & Maddie Season 4 Promotional Photo
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"Cook-A-Rooney" Promo


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