Rooney Confessionals
The Rooney kids in confessionals in season 4.

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Confessionals occur during a scene in every episode. A character says how he, she or they feel during or after a or scene. There isn't a special or specific room for a confessional, but they normally take place in the Rooney house. The Rooney Family gives confessionals most of the time, but sometimes recurring characters have them as well.

In End-A-Rooney, it is revealed that all of the confessionals throughout the series have been for a reality show in Luxembourg titled Bits and Pieces, a reference to Liv and Maddie's original title.


Known Confessors

Twin-A-Rooney (14)

Both Karen and Pete during a confession.


  • Confessionals on Liv and Maddie are similar to Total Drama, a Canadian cartoon show. They are also frequently used on reality shows.
  • Confessionals were also used in Disney XD's Zeke & Luther.
  • Confessionals are also featured on Modern Family.
  • Not all of the main characters will have a confessional in an episode.
  • There can be more than one person in a room during a confessional.
  • The characters can have their confessionals while sitting or standing.
  • Confessionals usually have a character from the previous or current scene.
  • Confessionals are mainly about a character's thoughts, but said out loud.


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