Choose-A-Rooney is the seventeenth episode in season 3 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on May 8, 2016.


With Diggie’s return, Maddie is torn between him and Josh. Meanwhile, Liv is asked to plan a wedding in under a week when Gemma and Johnny Nimbus decide to get married.[1]

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  • This title refers to Maddie having to choose between Josh and Diggie -- who she wants to be with.
  • This episode is a direct continuation from Scoop-A-Rooney.
  • This episode contains the second Miggie kiss, technically -- their first kiss in New Year's Eve-A-Rooney was over video chat.
  • This episode could closely relate to the Good Luck Charlie episode, Teddy's Choice. In that episode, Teddy must choose between her ex-boyfriend, Spencer, and her new boyfriend, Beau. Here, Maddie must choose between her ex-boyfriend, Diggie, and her new boyfriend, Josh.
    • Both Josh and Maddie/Diggie and Maddie as couples relate immensely to the pairings of Beau and Teddy/Spencer and Teddy, especially in the sense that Spencer, similar to Diggie, left Teddy to live elsewhere for school, and then Beau jumped into the picture while he was away, similar to Josh, and both Teddy and Maddie didn't know whether or not they were ready to move on. However, Spencer came back for Teddy's 18th birthday and found out she was with Beau, but said he was happy for her, but Diggie only returned because he found out Maddie was with Josh, but didnt appear to be happy for her.
    • Unlike in this episode, however, Teddy chooses her newer boyfriend, Beau, whereas Maddie chooses her old boyfriend, Diggie.
  • This episode was also similar to the I Didn't Do It episode, Falling for... Who, because Josh (Logan) called Maddie (Jasmine) beautiful, Maddie (Jasmine) got back together (started dating) Diggie (Owen), leaving Josh (Logan) completely heartbroken, but let her be happy with Diggie (Owen), showing how strong his feelings truly were for her and that he loved her.
  • This episode was also similar to the Hannah Montana episode, He Could Be the One, because Maddie (Miley) had to choose between Josh and Diggie (Jesse and Jake), but choose Diggie (Jake) over Josh (Jesse), leaving Josh (Jesse) heartbroken. Coincidentally, both episodes were 2 partners and the 17th episode in the third season.
  • This is a continuation from Scoop-A-Rooney.
  • Gemma and Johnny get married. This is the first and only wedding in the show.
  • This is said to be the biggest episode of the series yet.[2]
  • Josh and Maddie share their second and third hug.
  • Artie returns in this episode. [3]
  • Diggie sings "As Long As I Have You" at the wedding.
  • This episode is part of "I love Dove day".
  • Josh calls Maddie and him Mosh. This is the second time the name Mosh has been used, the first being in Scoop-A-Rooney. It is also revealed that Josh and Maddie have been dating for two months.
  • On the night of the premiere, a live play event was held in which viewers were to pick who they thought Maddie should choose. Ultimately, Maddie chose Diggie, despite the majority vote being for Josh.
  • "Team Mosh" won the majority of Twitter polls for Choose-A-Rooney.[4]
  • According to Lucas Adams, the turkey dance was invented during rehearsals.[5]
  • This and Scoop-A-Rooney were the first two episodes in Season 3 to be 2-parters, the next being SkyVolt-A-Rooney and Californi-A-Rooney. (Unless, of course, you count the very first episode of the season since it was part 2 of the season 2 finale)
  • Liv made a reference to the song The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez.
  • In the scene where Josh and Maddie leave for a dance, it shows Lucas (Josh) talking Shelby's (who happens to be Lucas' real-life girlfriend) hand and Dove is standing near them as Liv. This is the first time where Lucas and Shelby are seen properly interacting in a scene, physically, since Lucas does most of the Mosh scenes with Dove.


  • The wedding sign hung outside the Voltage production studio disappears during one cutaway, but returns for the next one.
  • Artie said Diggie was his ride home, but Diggie could not have brought Artie to the wedding; Diggie only went with Joey as his plus-one, both of whom came after all the guests have arrived, so it was only coincidence that Artie and Diggie were both at the wedding.
    • Artie was hired as the caterer, he was working and not a guest.




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Liv And Maddie - Choose-a-Rooney - Clip00:34

Liv And Maddie - Choose-a-Rooney - Clip

Sunday Night - May 8 2016 - KC Undercover - Best Friends Whenever - Liv And Maddie00:29

Sunday Night - May 8 2016 - KC Undercover - Best Friends Whenever - Liv And Maddie

Liv and Maddie - Choose-a-Rooney - Promo00:30

Liv and Maddie - Choose-a-Rooney - Promo

Liv and Maddie - Choose-a-Rooney -Clip00:46

Liv and Maddie - Choose-a-Rooney -Clip

Liv and Maddie - Choose A Rooney21:25

Liv and Maddie - Choose A Rooney

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