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Switch-a-Rooney/Transcript (Theme)

Karen: (running through with excitement) Okay! Liv and Maddie will be back from their driving test any second! (Heads toward Parker and Joey’s way) Ready to celebrate?!

Joey: Check it! (Joey and Parker holds up huge driving lisence with hole in it to put their faces in smiling as if it were a picture saying Liv and maddie)

Karen: (Confused)

Joey: (Mocking Liv) 🎶Sing it loud🎶

Parker: (Mocking Maddie) Bam WHAT?!

(Switches to Maddie's confessional)

Maddie: (Excited) Oh! I cant wait to have my license and go whatever I want! (Excitement fades) Within the city limits, before my curfew, in a… minivan (disgusted) that smells like Joey's feet! (Gains excitement) Still freedom, WOHOO!!

Liv’s confessional

Liv: Freedom. (Laughs) Try, loss of freedom! Who wants to drive when you can set shotgun and text until your thumbs fall off! (Laughs) Not me.

Back to the Rooney's room

Diggie: I am spooked for Maddie! Having her own license, means she can go anywhere or do anything! (Turns around to see Pete) That a responsible teenager would do after greeting approval from her father. Not that I would ever ask her not to get her approval before (turns to Karen) why am I still talking?!

Pete: Why are you in my house? Why haven't you got a haircut? We've all got questions.

Liv: (Opens door with smile on her face)

Karen: There she is!

All: (Cheer) Karen: One of our two new drivers!

Liv: Hold your Ra-raws! Only one of us passed!

All: (Upset)

Liv: Total bummer-ang!

Pete: Aw. You’ll get it next time, Kid.

Liv: No! (gains excitement) I’m the one who passed! (Heads happily over to them) License to surprise! (Shrieks)

Karen: (Mouthing) Oh my gosh!

Liv and Karen: (Happy)

Diggie: (Laughing) Wait, if you passed… That means… Maddie failed! Maddie doesn’t fail anything.

Liv: (Mad)

Everyone: (Runs immediately in panic)

Joey: Burn everything!

Everyone: Take this! (Takes things down)

Maddie: (Enters living room furiously)

Everyone: (Hides things behind their back)

Maddie: Well, I failed! Guess I know what it’s like to be a looser now! I mean, you know what I’m talking about, Joey!

Joey: Ouch! I would call that a drive by, if you had a license!

Maddie: (Rolling eyes frustrated)

Karen: (Comes up) So, what happened??

Maddie: (Chuckles) I will tell you what happened! (Heads down step) The DNV discriminates! Yeah. They only give people licenses who can make “Left Hand Turns”

Karen: (Reasoning) They do come in handy when you want to go left!

Maddie: Why would you purposely turn into on-coming traffic when you can go up one block and make three rights!

Everyone: (Surprised)

Maddie: (Calm) Who needs their license anyway, am I right?! (Screaming furiously) I DO! I NEED MY LICENSE! (Stop screaming knowing the fact people were listening)

Diggie: Don’t worry, Maddie. I’ll drive you anywhere you want to go!

Pete: (Turns around with arms folded) Diggie: Seriously, why am I still talking?! Why am I still talking?! (Turns backwards) I'll go get my haircut.

Pete: (Nodding)

Everyone: (Not caring)

🎵 Better in stereo, 🎵

🎵 B-better in stereo 🎵

🎵 I'm up with the the sunshine (let's go!)🎵

🎵 I lace up my high-tops (oh, no!) Slam dunk, ready or not 🎵

🎵 Yeah, show me what you got 🎵

🎵 I'm under the spotlight (spotlight)🎵

🎵 I dare you, come on and follow🎵

🎵 You dance to your own beat🎵

🎵I'll sing the melody!🎵

🎵 When you say, "Yeah," I say, "No."🎵

🎵 When you say, "Stop," 🎵

All I wanna do is go, go, go! 🎵

🎵 You–the other half of me🎵

🎵 The half I'll never be🎵

🎵 The half that drives me crazy!🎵

🎵 You–the better half of me🎵

🎵 The half I'll always need!🎵

🎵 We both know🎵

🎵 We're better in stereo! 🎵


Liv: (Running down stairs with excitement) Guys, I have something really exciting to say. Pause that just for a second!

Parker: How bout you pause your pie whole for 2 hours! We'll talk to you later.

Pete: (Pauses) Were all listening, Liv.

Liv: Okay, there is a major film shooting in Wisconsin this summer and they want me to play the part!

Karen: How exciting?! What's it about??

Liv: It's based on some book about werewolves in space.

Joey and Parker: (Stands up) SPACE WEREWOLVES!!

Joey: That is my favorite graphic novel.

Liv: No way! (Chuckles) They want me to play Tristan!

Joey: (Pauses) As in Tristan Likeann??

Liv: Yeah.

Joey and Parker: (Mad)

Joey: The hero?!

Liv: Yeah.

Parker: Huh-huh. But Tristan's a boy!

Joey: Technically half boy half werewolf! But he is definitely not a girl!

Liv: Right, not yet! But, the people making the movie saw my episode of "Sing It Loud" where I dreamt that I was on an international space station and I saved the earth by singing the high note that shattered the astroid before it hit earth (Shrieks, does high note, and starting to make a sound effect of things blowing up with motions of her hands)

Parker: I loved that episode!

Karen: Really, cause I thought it had some logic problems with-oh, you sparkled, honey!

Liv: They liked it so much they are considering changing the role of Tristan into a girl, just for me!

Joeys confessional

Joey: I had to stop Liv for her own good. Fanboys are crazy! I should know, I'm one of them! (Winks)

Parker's confessional

Parker: Were talking about Tristan Likeann, Keeper of the claw of freedom! Does this (Holds up space werewolves comic) match this (holds up Sing It Loud DVD then puts both them down lower mouthing the words no)



Maddie: (Walking past smiling by Diggie) Sup Diggie!

Diggie: Sup Rooney!

Both: (Stops)

Maddie: Sup with your hair?! You did not get a haircut just because my dad told you to!

Diggie: (Laughs nervously) No! Not at all!! I totally needed a trim do you think he'll like it?!

Maddie: Diggie, you can't let him push you around like this. I mean, your hair was a hot mess but that's not the point!

Diggie: I can't help it. Okay, I wanted him to like me, he's your dad! You and me are... Whatever we are!

Maddie: Totally, whatever! Umm... Don't you think you should just find something that you amd my dad will like and bond over that!

Diggie: Oh, yeah. Okay, let's see. He likes GROWLING AT ME!!

Maddie: You know what else he likes... Barbecue!

Diggie: Hmm... Grilling sure beats growling!

Maddie: (Smiling)

Diggie: And if he starts to like me, I could help him prepare for your drivers test!

Maddie: Aw... That's so sweet!

Both: (Hugs)

Maddie: Hey Dad!

Diggie: (Jumps out of Derpy's arms) Ah!!

Maddie: (Laughing because she fooled him) Dude I'm kidding! (Continues to laugh and immediately stops) But he won't be!


Scene: Rooney's kitchen

Liv: (Runs to Joey and Parker)

Parker: Oh, hey Liv! You want some chocolate putting? We found a big bowel of it in the fridge! (Continues to eat it with Joey)

Liv: Um... Boys that's not chocolate pudding that's my organic face mask from Paris!

Joey: (Talking in French accent) Oh, fancy pudding! (Continues to eat it)

Liv: Yeah, it's made with orangutan poop!

Parker: (Spits it back in bowel disgusted)

Joey: Well, whatever that monkey ate is delicious! (Continues to eat) Is that banana!

Liv: Okay! (Takes bowel)

Joey: (Tries to finish it)

Liv: Joey! (clears throat) Get this... Somehow, the word was spreaders over the blogosphere that I was going to be playing Tristen in "Space Werewolves"! (Shrieks)

Joey and Parker's confessional:

Parker: Not sure how that info leaked onto the internet!

Joey: We would never post that juicy jid-bid on Stevens point "Space Werewolves" fan page and hopes for raging local fans! (Laughs nervously and stops) Liv will thank me for this later!

Back to The Rooney Kitchen

Joey: Let me guess, fanboys were not to pleased about you playing Tristan.

Parker: So you might wanna throw in the towel and back out!

Liv: Uh, No. I mean, why do I wanna hear what nerd-nation has to say about me anyway!

Joey: (Mad) Because we are a powerful force to be wrecking with I mean they are!

Liv: (Clears throat) Whatever! This weekend I have a person appearance in "Nevels novelty shop" to sign "Sing It Loud" DVDs, why don't you guys come with me?!

Joey: Liv, Nevels is fanboys central. If the fans hear about Tristan then they will find out you don't know what your talking about and they will eat you alive!

Liv: He's a warewolf and he lives in space! (Holds up Space Werewolves comic) And... Maybe anything else I need to know about them will be right here, and I could probably finish this by Saturday right?!

Joey: That's only one!

Parker: There's 61 volumes!

Liv: (Laughs) huh! No wonder they want to make this into a movie! Who wants to read all that?! (Walks away)


Liv and Maddie's Room

Maddie: (Closes drivers ed book furiously) Uh!

Liv: (Closes space comics book furiously) Uh!

Maddie: (Mad) 326 page of "Rules of the Road" and not once did they admit that upcoming traffic is insane!

Liv: (Mad) 420 pages of Werewolves and Spaceships and the only thing that I really retain (sounds happy) is that I think I can totally rock Tristan's spacesuit!

Maddie: (Smiles) Yeah, just wait till they get to the baffle of merf! (Makes gun sounds) That's when they meet Skydra and that's when the adventure really kicks off!

Liv: (Gasps getting up) You undercover sci-fi geek!

Maddie: (Smiling)

Liv: You totally read this book!

Maddie: Yeah, I've actually read them all! I love them. And I have to admit, I'm a little upset about you playing Tristan myself!

Liv: Okay, one: HOW DARE YOU?! And 2: Help me!

Maddie: Okay, Liv. Why are you wigging out?!

Liv: Because I really want this role! I mean, I know that I've been playing it cool but this is way bigger than my show and... They can send me to a completely new acting stratosphere! I just have no idea how I'm gonna impress these fanboys!

Maddie: K, well I would love to help you but my drivers test is on the same day as your autograph signing and I still have no idea how to make a stupid left hand turn!

Liv: (Smiling) I have a twin-sane idea! This Saturday, I be you and you be me!

Maddie: Wait, you mean like...

Both: (Shrieks) A Switch-a-Rooney! (Both heads for each other's beds)

Maddie: I'll face your fanboys...

Liv: And I'll take your driving test! Perfect! (Laughing) Why is your bed so squishy?! (Gets up and uncovers sheets) Because I'm sitting on a (picks up empty pizza box that is open) pizza.

Maddie: A girl gets hungry at 3 am!

Liv: (Grossed out and drops the pizza box)


Artie: (Making Hand Motions) Cha, Ya! Ha Cha! Web! And thats how I slay the dragon! (Gets high fived)

Joey: Artie, you got a minute?

Artie: Hey, Joey. Youu got a girlfriend! (Gets highfived) Burn!

Joey: How is that a burn?! You took your mom to the freshman dance last fall!

Artie: (Making hand motions)

Joey: (Nodding)

Artie: So, what brings you crawlin' back to the (echoing) Sp-aa-ac-e--War-aree-wo-ol-lves 

Arties gang turns around with a tail shaking it.

Artie: (Howling) 

Joey's Confessional

Joey: I was voted out of society for suggesting wolf tails were stupid. Was I wrong, people?? Was I wrong?!

Interrior: School

Arties gang turns around.

Joey: I want to talk to you about my sister, Liv.

Artie: (Covers ears) Oh, la la la la. (Uncovers ears) We do not speak the name of that she devil, who wants to disicrate Tristian.

This is done by Gud2bu02! Feel free of expanding it.

I have recentlly added to this on Monday, Febuary 14, 2014. 


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