BFF-A-Rooney is the nineteenth episode in season 1 of Liv and Maddie. It aired on June 22, 2014 and received 2.0 million total viewers.


Maddie is jealous when Liv's best friend from Hollywood, South, comes to visit and flirts with Diggie.

Episode Summary

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Memorable Quotes

South: There's my BFFWLIWN!
Maddie: What?!?
Liv and South: Best Friend Forever Who Lives In Wisconsin Now!
Parker: Really? Because you don't look a day over gorgeous
Maddie: Tell her to stay away from my friend..... boy?
Liv: Friendboy?!


  • This is the first time we see Maddie get really jealous.
  • It's revealed that Maddie and Diggie are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Maddie finally called Diggie her boyfriend.
  • This is the second time Maddie has impersonated Liv. Her first time was "Switch-A-Rooney".
  • First appearance of South Salamanca.


  • When South asks if Maddie knows about the "second Liv" (who's really Maddie), Liv says "Please two Liv's? Ha! Like I'd ever wear this outfit." Yet she did wear the outfit in Steal-A-Rooney though it's possible that she said this to impress South Salamanca.

Production Information

The episode was co-written by Kali Rocha and Jonathan McClain. Rocha's previous screenwriting experience was with the movie "Space Station 76," a spoof of existentialist 1970's science fiction movies such as "Silent Running."


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Liv and Maddie - BFF-A-Rooney - Clip

Liv and Maddie - BFF-A-Rooney - Clip

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Liv and Maddie - "BFF-A-Rooney" Promo

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